Some important telephone numbers of AKAPP-STEMMANN

The most important direct dialling numbers of our Export Sales Department and supporting departments are listed below.
Dial +31 342 403900 if you don't know the extension number. Our receptionist will help you further.
You can also fax your message to +31 342 403912.
If you prefer to send an e-mail, please use this address only:
. Thank you!

Contact person Department Direct number Function
Mr. M. Koenders Teamleader Export Sales internal +31 342 403938 Quotes, technical questions
Mr. J. van Zetten Export Management +31 342 403952 Export Area Manager, commercial contacts
Mr. R. Switzer Export Sales internal +31 342 403936 Quotes, technical questions
Mr. F. Lens Germany Sales internal +31 342 403939 Quotes, Order processing, technical questions
Mrs. E. Vaarkamp-Mons Export Sales internal +31 342 403937 Quotes, technical questions
Mrs. Y. de Goeij Export Sales internal +31 342 403927 Order processing, deliveries, mailings
Mrs. H. van Dijk Export Sales internal +31 342 403920 Order processing and deliveries
Mrs. A. Francis Export Sales internal +31 342 403935 Order processing and deliveries
Mrs. D. van den Heuvel Export Sales internal +31 342 403933 Order processing and deliveries
Mr. R. Bloemendal Teamleader Engineering +31 342 403940 Technical questions, R & D
Mr. W. van Roekel Planning, Service +31 342 403942 Service / Planner
Mr. P. Nijhof PR +31 342 403985 PR Manager


For our Benelux Department, please click here.