The flat conductor system up to 10-poles, especially designed for automated warehouses.

Compact, dependable and secure power supply system featuring our unique continuous smooth copper conductors. Most suitable for utilising in (automatic) high-bay warehouses. Available in 4-pole, 7-pole and 10-pole systems. It is possible to combine conductors for feed and control.
The PR10 housing makes it possible to combine parallel switched conductors for very high current applications (up to 400A!) with conductors for control functions.

Which of these advantages are important to you?

Compact designVery compact design, demanding minimal space, mounting vertical or horizontal.
Uninterrupted copper conductorsUninterrupted copper conductors, resulting in optimal conduction with minimal voltage drop.
Very low brushwearVery low brush wear, so practically maintenance free.
High current capacityCopper capacities 50A, 80A, 125A, 160A, 200A and up to 400A.
Flexible conceptIt is possible to change both number and capacity of copper conductors, even after installation.
Suitable for control and data signalsDue to the absence of connections in the copper conductors, trouble free control and data signal transfer is possible.
High travel speed operationTravel speeds up to 500 m/minute are possible.
Unique self guiding trolleyBy means of four leaf spring sets the spherical road wheels of the collector trolleys are kept in the grooves of the section. The trolley will therefore always follow its course perfectly. This results in extremely low brush wear and pollution of the rail housing.
Suitable for deep freeze storage applicationsEnvironmental temperatures of up to -30 degr. C. are permitted.


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  • Application areas

  • Pro-Ductor in deep freeze warehouse

    Pro-Ductor in deep freeze warehouse

  • Aisle changing application

    Aisle changing application

  • Trolley with guide arm

    Trolley with guide arm

  • Pro-Ductor, horizontal mounted

    Pro-Ductor, horizontal mounted