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 AKAPP Conductor systems in magazine BoerderijAKAPP Conductor systems

AKAPP Conductor systems

Items to consider when purchasing a conductor system 

Power rails are nothing new. For years day they are applied in both industry and agriculture. A current rail is a U-shaped plastic profile with on the inside a number of copper strips, often four to seven. The strips is 400 volt power flow and form a fixed circuit through the stable. A so-called collector trolley rolls through the rail and transports the current through the connected system. Cattle feed robots, straw spreaders and other automotive systems for example.

If properly installed and maintained, busbars do their work smoothly. Because it is a crucial and sensitive element of the stable equipment, it pays to have a critical look when purchasing a system. With the automation process that integrates in dairy farming in recent years, more and more often you come across these conductor systems in the stables.

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(source: Boerderij - 23 september 2014)

 AKAPP PR4AKAPP-Stemmann keeps on moving


Akapp-Stemmann keeps on moving with energy 

BARNEVELD - ,,We are specialists in the field of flexible energy supply systems." These are the words of Eugène Burgers, CEO of Akapp-Stemmann. The company is globally one of the three largest suppliers of conductor systems and cable reels. Automatically this leads to prestigious orders, e.g. Akapp products ensure that the setting of the musical 'Soldier of Orange' can turn around.

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(source: Barneveldse Krant - september 2014)

 AKAPP Pro-Ductor PR4

AKAPP Pro-Ductor

Conductor system for aisle changing stacker cranes 

AKAPP-Stemmann has been developed a compact 4-pole version of the series flat conductor systems especially for automated warehouses. This type, PR4, is designed for storage systems in which the control signals are no longer running via the feeding conductor system. Like the other variants, the 7-pole and 10-pole flat conductor systems, the PR4 can quickly and easily be fitted to all standard warehouse racks. A few plus points of the system are the high reliability, low wear and low maintenance, resulting in lower overall costs. The 4-pole system is also suitable for warehouse aisle changing cranes.

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(source: Hebezeuge + Fördermittel - May 2014)

 Cover Business Logistics december 2013

AKAPP Pro-Ductor

Unreliable warehouse cranes we can do without, especially in a time where all eyes are focused on efficiency. Yet it happened to Philips in its distribution center in Kontich. After years of faithful service outages began to disrupt activities in the automatic valves controlled warehouse. By replacing the conductor bars, in cooperation with supplier AKAPP-STEMMANN, by a much less sensitive AKAPP system, Philips managed to solve the problem in a few weeks time.

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(source: Business Logistics - december 2013)

 Cover Logistiek Totaal

AKAPP Pro-Ductor

As part of a retrofit project replaced AKAPP almost 900 meter conductor rails in the high-bay warehouse of the company Interface from Scherpenzeel, The Netherlands.
Thanks to the new conductor bar system, which is fastened at the bottom of the racks, safety and reliability are considerably improved. In addition, a significant decrease in the maintenance costs has been realized.

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(source: Logistiek Totaal - november 2013)

 ITM 2013-10

AKAPP Pro-Ductor

When ND Logistics decided two years ago to the distribution of Zellik to build an automated cold storage warehouse, the group policy applied: let a specialist build the infrastructure - through a key-in-the-door formula.

For the conductor bars of the new automatic warehouse Zellik (6 courses of 112m length) and the shuttles (3 x 80m length) was opted for Akapp Pro-Ductor.

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(source: Industrie Technisch & Management - october 2013)

 AKAPP Multiconductor in ITM 2013-02

AKAPP Multiconductor

AKAPP conductor bar system Multiconductor is used for thorough modernization of LG concrete plant in Bree (Belgium). This 35 year old factory, where plates in 'washed' concrete are produced, started its ongoing renewal process in 2008.

The modernization was necessary, because of expansion of production capacity. Besides mechanical adjustment, it was also necessary to replace the conductor bar system, which provides power and control signals to the automatic controlled concrete skippers. This is a track with a length of 200 meters, provided with a curved section of 90 degrees.

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(source: Industrie Technisch & Management - february 2013)

 Akapp stroomrails in Bedrijf Barneveld december 2012

AKAPP conductor bar systems

They bring the decor of the musical 'Soldier Of Orange "in motion, let the Euromast turn and are very familiar with distribution centres of e.g. Nike, Phillips and Coca Cola. Visiting AKAPP in Barneveld.
So big and impressive as the customer portfolio, as seemingly simple as the product of the global player in moving energy facilities.

In the plastic conductor bar housing copper conductors are inserted. That provide power and data by a trolley that runs through the rail. Trolley which opens another world to fully automatic capabilities. Order picking in a warehouse, crane and hoist installations feeding in factories, a monorail train to ride in a zoo or straw spreaders into stables for example.
But you get the busbars of AKAPP too at an observatory station in Hawaii. And recently showed AKAPP Mary Poppins flying in the musical.

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(source: Bedrijf Barneveld - december 2012)

 AKAPP Pro-Ductor in Evo magazine 2012-01

AKAPP Pro-Ductor

For BührmannUbbens in the Dutch city Zutphen it was a foregone conclusion: had the power and run on the crane with a flat busbar when replacing the stacker cranes. Not with energy chains or cable reels. The Swiss crane builder Stöcklin installed the conductor bar systems on the crane, in the corridors and on the transfer trolley.

"The rail is solid and sure," says Mr. Jansen. "The copper strips are located in a plastic profile and are mounted without any interruptions over the full length. The smooth surface of the copper, without butt joints make the brushes life last longer. Rail supplier AKAPP-Stemmann from Barneveld explains that the self-guiding pantograph, mounted on wheels, always runs over the track grooves.

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(source: Evo magazine - january 2012)

 AKAPP Pro-Ductor in ITM 2011-12

AKAPP Pro-Ductor

SKF Logistics Services Tongeren in Belgium is responsible for the entire European logistics SKF parts to the aftermarket. She also makes its logistics services - both storage and transport - available to external companies.

Important for both type of customers is that the logistic processes are running smoothly, which is only possible if the systems are highly available. Therefore is invested annually in innovation, driven by the maintenance department. In that framework, this year the busbars of the taps of the automated high bay warehouse are replaced.
Industry Technical & Management had a conversation about this renovation with Marc Valkeneers, technical services manager of SKF Logistics Services Belgium and Erik Van Genechten, area manager for AKAPP-Stemmann in Belgium .

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(source: Industrie Technisch & Management - december 2011)