The versatile AKAPP 7-pole conductor bar system.

Compact, reliable and secure power supply system for cranes, hoists, trolleys, automated warehouses, etc.
Worldwide installations applied both inside and outside, high and low temperatures and under extreme (weather) conditions.
The unique double-sided flexible rubber seal provides protection against dust, damp and corrosive environments.

Which of these advantages are important to you?

Continuous conductors The flat copper strips from rolls easily to great lengths already hanging rail tubes pulled with no connections in the conductor.
Exceptionally long life of carbon brushes The lack of impulse connections in the conductors results in minimal brush wear and therefore a trouble-free operation of the power system.
Control and data transfer optimal Because of the continuous conductors and a maximum continuous contact between brushes and flat copper Multiconductor is ideal for control and data transfer. Very important in such automated warehouses.
Track lengths unlimited Extremely long track lengths are, possibly through the use of expansion joint sockets. This also applies to outdoor installations.
High travel speeds Up to 250 m / min. Higher rates are negotiable.
High current capacity The spacious copper strip copper strip channels with different cross-sections drawn. Standard up to 320A. For higher currents power supplies AKAPP rail systems.
Approved by inspecting organizations In some countries the AKAPP Multiconductor system tested and approved by the inspecting organizations such as KEMA, UL etc., where quality and safety is essential.
Integrated positioning system For positioning devices such verrrijdbare Kubel and shuttle cars can AKAPP Multiconductor pulse of a special trip and pulsopnemers be provided. PLC application by a fully automatic transport can be realized.
CCC Certified AKAPP Multiconductor is CCC Certified, approved by the China Quality Certification Centre.


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  • Application areas

  • Multiconductor for feeding, controlling and positioning

    Multiconductor for feeding, controlling and positioning

  • People mover in 500m long enclosed track in a zoo

    People mover in 500m long enclosed track in a zoo

  • Window cleaning installation

    Window cleaning installation

  • Straw spreader in cow stable

    Straw spreader in cow stable