Cables for chains

Cables for chains

AKAPP has a wide range of high flexible cables, especially developped for use in drag chains. These cables require extremely high mechanical demands, because of the ongoing bow and stretch movements during the movement of the chain during traverse.

Therefore, we recommend to use our special chain cables, series ASP with PVC or PUR outer sheath, for all applications where drag chains are applied.

Please ask our sales department for more information on this.

Which of these advantages are important to you?

Highly flexibleASP cables are esspecially developped for use in drag chains and therefore offer maximum flexibility. Bending radius of up to 5x outer diameter is possible *)
Compact designRelatively small outer diameter and low weight; this often results in smaller chain sizes compared with other cables
Solid constructionFitted with a protection shield between the cores and outer sheath
Temperature range *)Operational temperature -50/+90 °C (fixed);
Operational temperature -40/+90 °C (moved)
Chemical resistancelargely resistant to acids, bases, solvents, hydraulic fluids, etc.
Wide range of typesThere is a wide range of cable types available, covering almost every demand. Both without or with copper shielded cores (see picture)


*) Depending on cable type. Please ask our sales department for further information.

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