Cable reels series AV

Cable reels series AV

The professional industrial cable reels for medium and heavy duty applications.

These AKAPP standard range of spring driven cable reels are fitted with wide drums and flange mounting. The modular concept allows a great number of combinations covering most common requirements. The spring reels are strong (e.g. in stainless steel) and well designed in order to guarantee the highest reliability even in difficult applications.

Which of these advantages are important to you?

Bearings Equipped with two totally sealed bearings which are lubricated for lifetime.
Main spring Made of high-grade special steel which guarantees a long lifetime. Every spring is mounted inside a spring housing inorder to avoid friction and wear. Easy and fast exchange of springs is featured, without removing the cable drum from its construction.
Sliprings The slipring assembly is mounted in a solid glassfiber reinforced plastic housing which withstands corrosion and mechanical wear. The housing is designed to minimise condensation and to guarantee complete water tightness through glands and seals. Protection degree according to IP65/66. Capacity up to 200A / 500V.
Cable guide A guide arm with roller guide (optional accessoire) prevents deformation of the cable, e.g. bending. This increases the service life of the cable. Especially useful for manual winding operation.
Ratchet This optional feature can be engaged when continuous spring tension is not required, e.g. hand tools.
Finish Corrosion protection is also a major feature with AV reels. All steel plates and parts are either hot dip galvanised or have a polyester coating. Optional also available in stainless steel.
Standard all bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel. Optional feature stainless steel bolts, nuts and all external parts in hot dip galvanised steel with additional coating.
General AKAPP spring driven cable reels meet all applicable IEC international norms and standards and follow the latest EU-requirements (CE-marking).


Winding capacities

Reel type Drum diametre Cable length max. (indication)
190 Ø 190 mm 30 m cable Ø12 mm, weight 0,25 kg/m or
11 m cable Ø20 mm, weight 0,55 kg/m
220 Ø 220 mm 40 m cable Ø16 mm, weight 0,4 kg/m or
20 m cable Ø22 mm, weight 0,7 kg/m
280 Ø 280 mm 60 m cable Ø18 mm, weight 0,45 kg/m or
29 m cable Ø24 mm, weight 0,8 kg/m
400 Ø 400 mm 88 m cable Ø22 mm, weight 0,7 kg/m or
50 m cable Ø34 mm, weight 1,6 kg/m
500 Ø 500 mm 115 m cableØ26mm, weight 0,95 kg/m or
65 m cable
Ø36mm, weight 2,25 kg/m


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  • Application areas

  • Hatch crane

    Hatch crane

  • Internal transport (greenhouse)

    Internal transport (greenhouse)

  • Reels with mercury contacts at refinery

    Reels with mercury contacts at refinery

  • AV cable reel on overhead crane

    AV cable reel on overhead crane

  • Portal crane

    Portal crane