Cable reels series 0951

Cable reels series 0951

The professional industrial cable reels for the storing and winding of cables
for practically every application, indoors as well as outdoors!

The unique construction has been designed to maximise safety, electrical as well as mechanical. The integrated mounting bracket facilitates fast and easy mounting.
Above this, the high quality standard of all components guarantees high reliability of the reels.

Which of these advantages are important to you?

ConstructionWeathertight construction, manufactured from aluminium die cast components. Provided with a corrosion resistant powder polyester coating in a striking yellow colour. The design minimises the number of components and allows for easy replacement to reduce maintenance costs. 
Main springSelf-contained; made from special alloy spring steel in a controlled manufacturing process, to extremely high standards. Through this, optimal repeatability and long spring life are assured. The spring is assembled into a metal cassette, which permits quick, safe and easy replacement.
Collector ringsThe collector rings are made of eminent brass. The carbon brushes have a large surface area, which ensures a perfect contact with the collector rings. Each brush is mounted in a nonconductive holder. The modular construction of the collector ring assembly allows for further rings to be added as requiered and provide for ease of servicing.
Cable guide

The application of the fully adjustable guide arm with roller guide prevents de-formation of the cable, e.g. bending. This increases the service life of the cable.
Advantages of the guide arm are:

  • numerous settings over a maximum arc of 270°
  • fast, easy adjustment
  • optimal location with respect to the cable drum
  • secure positioning
  • non-contoured guide rollers, which prevent twisting of the cable. 
RatchetThis can be engaged when continuous spring tension is not required, e.g. hand tools. Location is fixed with respect to the cable drum outlet, ensuring that the reel can never be “locked out” when the cable is totally extended.
Additional features
  • Cable capacity max. 15 m (016 mm / 0,37 kg/m, e.g. 5x2,5 mm2 H07RNF)
  • Collector capacity 30A / 600V
  • Standard fitted with 4, 5, 8 or 12 collector rings
  • Large terminal box for quick and safe cable mounting
  • Degree of protection according to NEMA 4.


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  • Application areas

  • Feeding and controlling of a wood shredder

    Feeding and controlling of a wood shredder

  • Controlling a gate

    Controlling a gate

  • Lifting magnets on a crane

    Lifting magnets on a crane

  • Earth connection at gasoline loading station

    Earth connection at gasoline loading station