The economic AKAPP 4-pole conductor bar system.

Compact, reliable and secure power supply system for cranes, hoists, trolleys, conveyor belts, etc.
The basic design of AKAPP 4-Ductor is a channel housing, in which 4 slots are prepared to accomodate flat, uninterrupted copper conductors, without the need for joints. Thanks to the design of the 4-Ductor and its continuous conductors, the system offers unique features as listed below.

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Continuous conductorsThe flat copper strips from rolls easily to great lengths already hanging rail tubes pulled with no connections in the conductor.
Exceptionally long life of carbon brushesThe lack of impulse connections in the conductors results in minimal brush wear and therefore a trouble-free operation of the power system.
Excellent price/quality ratioThe concept of the continuous conductors and the use of only high quality components result in a trouble free feeding system against an agreeable price.
Track lengths unlimitedExtremely long track lengths are, possibly through the use of expansion joint sockets. This also applies to outdoor installations.
Simple installationDue to the light weight of the PVC housing, copper conductors without connections and the design of accessory components, system installation is a quick and easy operation.
Voltdrop absolute minimum and constantDue to continuous copper conductors, thus avoiding problems associated with added resistance at joints and increased volt drop characteristics when joints loosen or corrode.
High mechanical strengthThe PVC housing has a combination of high flexural yield, impact and tensile strength and is complemented by the design of associated components.
High current capacityThe spacious copper strip copper strip channels with different cross-sections drawn. Standard up to 160A. For higher currents, AKAPP supplies other conductor bar systems, e.g. Multiconductor.
CCC CertifiedAKAPP 4-Ductor is CCC Certified, approved by the China Quality Certification Centre.


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  • Application areas

  • Gantry crane in production hall

    Gantry crane in production hall

  • Detail of switch board on crane

    Detail of switch board on crane

  • Production of windowpanes

    Production of windowpanes

  • Collector trolley with towing arm

    Collector trolley with towing arm